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Tight Shins... ALL THE TIME!!!

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#1 rohardi

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Posted 20 September 2017 - 03:00 AM

So I have have extremely tight shins for a few weeks. I am by no means a competitive runner. I generaly run 4-6 miles 3-5 times a week at a pace ranging from 7:45-9 min depending on the run/day and goal. Sometimes even half a mile in, I start feeling it in my shins. I have cut back my running, but I'm still experiencing this issue. I may have ran 2 or 3 miles this week. But the issue is even with the cutting back my running, my shins are still sore/tight 3 or 4 days after running just a few miles. The pain isn't in the bone, so I don't think I'm worrying about shin splints. I feel like I have a deep pain/tightness in the muscle running down the outer front of my shin. I try to stretch it, and massage it but it just doesn't go a way... Any ideas?  

#2 emmaanne93

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Posted 16 November 2017 - 07:24 PM

Rohardi, I have the same issue. For me I'm thinking it might be my shoes. I have been training for a marathon with pretty low mileage (5-8 mile days) at around 10 min pace with no problems, until I ran my longest run three weeks ago at 14 miles. Ever since, I have had issues with my shins. It's not shin splints, but it feels like my shins are just working really really hard. 


I have tried calf compression sleeves and adjusting my foot strike. I find that striking more on the balls of my feet helps a little.


I am getting some anxiety about falling behind on my training because this is really setting me back on my mileage. Even after several weeks of rest, I've barely noticed an improvement. This is why I'm thinking its my shoes.


They don't look terribly worn but I suspect the cushion is shot. I think I need more arch support than the shoes are giving me. When did you get your shoes? Mine are from the spring of 2016, but I didn't start putting many miles on them until this fall. It seems a little early to have the shoes be dead already, but this shin stuff is killing me! I'm going to talk to the experts at my local running shoe store, maybe a new pair of shoes is all we need.

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