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Usain Bolt wins 150m on Rio beachfront!

Bolt impresses again as he crushes the competition in a 150m race on a beach in Rio!

When Usain Bolt ran the world best for 150m in the Great City Games in Manchester in 2009, his 14.35 was described as probably the fastest piece of running the world has ever seen. Why? Because 100m is arguably too short to get into top speed, while 200m track races see athletes slowed down by a bend and they then tire toward the finish.

The distance of 150m, however, is the optimum distance when it comes to an athlete’s ability to hit top speed, especially when run on a straight track.

So when Bolt clocked 14.42 for 150m in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday on a similar temporary, straight track, we discovered the Jamaican is in pretty good form going into the 2013 season. In horse racing parlance, he has wintered well.

After racing in much warmer conditions that those he faced when he set the world best in Manchester four years ago, Bolt said: “It’s a good start, my first sprint race of the season, and I just hope to stay injury free.

“I’m also looking forward to come back (to Rio) in 2016. But not midday hopefully to run!”

Source: Athletics Weekly

A 4 lane straight 150m track on a beach in Rio - what a beautiful place to race for a sprinter!

Looking forward to seeing what he can do this spring!

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Andrew Keresztes
Apr 03 2013 02:28 AM

That looked like it was so much fun! If I wasn't so jealous of him running on this I would say more!

Apr 03 2013 03:58 AM
Billy's facial expression after the race is priceless, just laughing/smiling and straight up enjoying the entire thing. It's awesome to see that straightaway set up like that at the copacabana in Brazil, slowly bringing up the hype for the 2016 Olympics.

In the days before the event, he really seemed to mingle well with the community too.
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