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Jim Ryun makes "Top Teenagers in Sports History" List

The first high school runner to ever break 4:00!

Achievements as a Teen: Jim Ryun was the first high schooler ever to run a sub-four minute mile, running 3:59.0 as a junior. In 1966, he broke the world record at age 19, with a time of 3:51.3, and that same year he set world records in the mile and half-mile runs. The year got even sweeter when he took home Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman of the Year" award, in addition to the James E. Sullivan Award as the nation's top amateur athlete.

Career Recap: Ryun finished with four world records and was the Track and Field News Athlete of the Year winner in 1966 and 1967, the first athlete to win the award in consecutive years. Add that to the 1966 SI "Sportsman of the Year" award, the 1966 James E. Sullivan award, and the 1966 ABC Wide World of Sports Athlete of the Year award. Run Ryun, run.

Source: Complex Sports

I love to see runners on "Top Athletes" lists. Here's one that is worth mentioning. I wasn't even close to being born yet but have heard about Jim Ryun a ton in the few years I've been a runner. The first high school runner to break four minutes - absolutely incredible and motivating to high school athletes all around. He broke the world record too a few years later!

I also think this is huge for the running community as well, seeing runners getting a bit more recognition for their athleticism is awesome. #9 of 20 on this list, congratulations!

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Andrew Keresztes
Apr 05 2013 01:53 AM

Jim Ryun was amazing, from what I have read about him. I think it is great for him to get to such recognition!

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Apr 05 2013 04:38 PM

He's the man and he's a great guy too.  He pioneered that sub-4 high school stuff.

    • Andrew Keresztes likes this

Some great news for the sport!

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