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Flanagan Ready for Boston Marathon!

Can Shalane Flanagan be the first American woman since 1985 to win the Boston Marathon?

“I absolutely think I have a shot at winning.”

Those are the words of confidence coming from Marblehead’s Shalane Flanagan as she gets set to run her first Boston Marathon next week.

And why not? It’s what Flanagan has been doing since she started running as a little girl.

“Probably in fourth or fifth grade we had a physical fitness test. We had to run a mile, and I beat all the boys,” she remembers. “I thought ‘I kind of like this; I kind of like beating boys.’ That’s where the spark was lit, in grade school.”

It’s been nearly 30 years since an American finished first in Boston – and that history isn’t lost on Flanagan. She cheered the runners along the course as a young girl, and now she’s ready to make some noise on the course.

“Just showing that I can compete with the East Africans who typically dominate these marathons… just showing that I can be a factor and a presence on a world stage – that’s inspiring,” she said. “What better place to perform, and win, than my home course?”

“To me, the Boston Marathon is just pouring your heart out. I’ll be thinking to not give an inch, own the course and just pour everything I have into that performance that day.”

Flannagan has been joking with her running coach that if she wins Boston, she will retire the very next day. She admitted that won’t happen, but winning the Boston Marathon would mean that much to her.

And it would certainly mean a lot to Marathon fans to see a hometown girl wearing the champion’s wreath at Copley Square.

Source: CBS Local: Boston

The 117th Boston Marathon is fast approaching - this April 15th. In five short days, Shalane Flanagan hopes to win the Women's side and wear the champion's wreath. With huge accolades already coming into the race - a bronze in the 10K in Beijing 2008 Olympics and more recently an Olympic Trials marathon record in 2:25:38 and an incredible 1:08:31 half-marathon - she is extremely fit and ready for this race!

I am personally really excited to see her race. She's a huge inspiration to American distance runners.

She's eager to race too!

"I have a love/hate relationship with marathon tapers. Feeling like a caged animal. I'm ready to get this show on the road."

Source: Shalane Flanagan's Twitter

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She's so awesome.

Apr 12 2013 07:15 PM




She really is awesome, can't wait! 

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LOL,"What color underwear am I gonna wear?" !!!! 

Well I have a 5K tomorrow and I'm wearing my lucky underwear,and I dont have any lucky underwear  ;)

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