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Coastal Carolina to rid of Men's XC, T&F program

Coastal Carolina to cut Men's XC and T&F programs

Coastal Carolina announced Thursday that it will eliminate its men’s cross country and track and field programs after the 2013-14 school year in a move the university says is to satisfy necessary budget cuts and Title IX compliance.

In a news release, the university emphasized Title IX compliance while also citing a need for the athletic department to cut $250,000 from its operating budget as part of a commitment from the university’s Board of Trustees to reduce the school’s overall operating budget by $1 million rather than raise in-state tuition.

Coastal will honor the scholarships of any of the teams’ “approximately 50” athletes who decide to continue their education at the university beyond the 2013-14 school year, the release said.

The move will leave Coastal with the NCAA Division I minimum of 16 intercollegiate athletic programs -- six men’s and 10 women’s programs.

“This decision is a very painful one for me, as a former student-athlete, and for the whole Coastal Carolina community,” CCU athletic director Hunter Yurachek said in a statement. “We understand the impact it will have on the student-athletes and their families, which is why we will continue to honor their scholarships.”

Longtime men’s cross country and track and field head coach Jeff Jacobs said he was informed of the decision around noon Thursday, a few hours before his athletes were told of the news.

This is really disturbing to me, and I know it's happening all over the U.S to satisfy budgets. I don't believe athletics should be cut in hopes to help a budget. Student athletes (especially XC and T&F athletes) are shown to have higher GPA's and more community involvement on campuses. Cutting these programs doesn't give the school more money, it brings down recruiting, overall GPA, and overall campus involvement, in my opinion.

“That’s really hard to determine right now. They just found out,” Jacobs said. “There were a few athletes who told me right after the meeting that, ‘Coach, I’m going to stay.’ But some walked right out of the room in disappointment, and I haven’t had a chance to talk to every athlete. I plan to do that next week.”

And that's the most disappointing part of it all. This move may hurt members of the XC and T&F teams at Coastal Carolina for the next 3 years, and then on top of that, bring in no more students like that.

“I am extremely proud of the way our current and past men’s cross country/track and field student-athletes have represented Coastal Carolina University,” Yurachek continued in his statement. “I am also grateful for the numerous contributions and accomplishments of our men’s cross country/track and field athletes both on and off the competition field. This decision is in no way meant to diminish the legacy of our men’s cross country/track and field student-athletes, and we will forever consider you Chanticleers.”

A very sad story for collegiate cross country and track & field. I hope this doesn't continue and become a trend.

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May 03 2013 01:42 PM



Here's a petition I found via twitter. Everybody sign!

Basically: Coastal Carolina had 254 male student-athletes and only 190 female student-athletes.  Cutting men's track and field and XC will make that 199 to 190.


Blame football, which has 108 participants.  Doesn't leave much room for other male sports at a school that size.

Andrew Keresztes
May 06 2013 05:10 PM

Honestly, this is just another stupid thing to do in my eyes.  I understand that there are reasons for cutting the programs, but still why just track and field/ cross country.  


I could also sound like a jerk, especially to some females, but why just cut these men's programs to be in compliance with the title IX instead of cutting down the size of the football team.  The football team does not need, and most often does not deserve, to get special treatment, that's why I am happy my school does not have one!!


Anyway, enough ranting about it.  I feel bad that this sport is being cut at yet another school.

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